About Us

Nipro India Corporation Pvt. Ltd. is ISO 9001 : 2008 organization and one of the biggest names in healthcare products and medical facilities industry. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Nipro Corporation, Japan. Nipro India is setting up its base in India, in a town called Shirwal, near Pune, in the State of Maharashtra. Nipro Corporation are giants in the world of medical devices healthcare products like, Hemo Dialysis-related products , Cardio Pulmonary products , Diagnostics products , Critical Care & Medical Surgical products, Glass & Rubber Products Adult Diapers . Nipro the brand is known to use superior technology in the production of these products and hence takes care of lives of millions of people. By setting up a fully functioning plant in India We want to make sure that our state of the art products reach Indians at lower costs but with not compromise in quality.

Nipro India thrives to make use innovations in technology and produce products related to dialysis of blood, blood sugar monitors and other surgical and medical products. This will be of great help not only to the patients who need them but also to the medical practitioners, surgeons and other staff, monitoring the patients. We are working towards making devices which will cause minimal pain to the patients and effort for the medical staff.

Nipro India would be using top end technology in manufacturing Dialyzers, Blood Tubing, Arterial Fistulas, and Syringes & Needles in the India plant. We would be using Gamma sterilization facility, for the manufacturing of these medical products to ensure complete hygiene and that no compromise is done with the user’s health. With a good start, We are sure to be one of the leading companies for manufacturing of medical products in India too.

Vision / Mission

To design, develop and manufacture medical device and health care products of superior quality at an affordable cost in a work environment where our employees can contribute and excel with PASSION and make our company a industry standard for manufacturing , quality, customer support and business integrity.

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